2016 Results

Thursday Morning Tournament

                      May 1st                                                                       August 7th

                      June 12th                                                                    September 11th

                       July 17th                                                                    October 15th & 16th

Large Mouth - Luke Barry 6.31 lbs.

Small Mouth - Bob Whittington 3.25 lbs.

                      May 28th - Living Lands & Waters

                      July 9th - ECO

                      September 17th  - CTC

​​​Angler of the year standings 

2016 Results

Living Lands & Waters Tournament Winners

                      Tuesday Night Tournaments

                      Thursday Morning Tournaments



2016 Results

Big bass standings 

Charity Circuit

Tuesday Night Tournament

2016 Results

                      April 21st                                                                  July 21st

                      May 19th                                                                  August 18th & 19th

                      June 9th

                    May 24th                                                                  August 2nd                                                           

                      June 7th                                                                    August 16th

                       June 21st                                                                  August 30th

                        July 5th                                                                    September 24th Shoot out (All Day)


                        July 19th                                                                  

 The Quad Cities Largest Bass Club